Raman Singh could not become CM for the fourth time, in Chhattisgarh BJP’s defeat, this is also a big reason

Raipur: The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Chhattisgarh had betrayed Sahu society from other backward classes and contested 14 candidates from this society, but 13 of these candidates lost the elections. 51 seats in Chhattisgarh are unreserved and most of these seats depend on the political parties here on the candidates belonging to other backward classes. In the Other Backward Class, the number of people in Sahu society is about 16% and they affect the politics of the people here. People of Sahu society are mostly farmers and also do some business.

13 out of 14 candidates lost in the account

In view of the influence of this society, the Bharatiya Janata Party had given tickets to 14 candidates of Sahu society. But only Dhamtari Sahu of Ranjana has won the Dhamtari seat. Ranjana Sahu has defeated senior Congress leader and MLA Gurmukh Singh Hora from this seat. Senior BJP leader Chandrasekhar Sahu could not win from the seat of Abhanpur and Megharam Sahu Shakti seat and two MLA Ashok Sahu from Kawardha seat and Takhan Sahu Lorami seat.

Public trust on Sahu candidates of Congress
Congress candidate Tamwardhwa Sahu defeated BJP’s Jageshwar Sahu from Durg Rural seat. In this election, Congress has fielded eight candidates from Sahu society, out of which five candidates have won. Among them Shakundal Sahu from Kasdol seat, from Dhanendra Sahu Abhanpur seat, Tamrdhwaj Sahu Durg from rural seat is from Dahlwarwar Sahu Dongargaon seat and Chandni Chandu Sahu Khujji seat, whereas Rajendra Sahu from Belatar seat from Chunnilal Sahu Kalatra seat and Laxmikantha Sahu: Kurud seat : The elections are lost. In Chhattisgarh, Congress has won 68 seats, BJP 15 seats, Janta Congress Chhattisgarh J: five seats and Bahujan Samaj Party won two seats.

In addition, from Kashiram Sahu Kota seat of BJP from Kailash Sahu Janjgir seat from Monica Sahu Khandari seat, from Nand Kumar Sahu Raipur Rural from Pawan Sahu Sanjari Balod Seat from Deepak Tarachand Sahu Gundardaehi seat from Motilal Sahu Patan seat from Jageshwar Sahu Durg Rural seat Heerendra Sahu lost the election from Khuji seat.

‘Congress manifesto was more attractive’
Rakesh Sahu, state vice-president of the youth cell of Chhattisgarh Sahu Sangh, said that the BJP has given a large number of tickets and losses to the society. The Congress manifesto was fascinating. Issues like 2500 rupees support price, two year bonus, debt waivers, electricity bill half, unemployment allowance to youth have attracted people on the purchase of paddy for the farmers. These announcements of Congress led to a wave of change.

Sahu says that not only Sahu in this election, but candidates of all sections have lost elections, including big leaders.
He says that Sahu society does not have any differences with any party. We want to develop the state. Another office bearer says on condition of anonymity that after giving tickets to Lok Sabha MP Tamdhbruz Sahoo from Durg Rural Vidhansabha seat, Sahu society hoped that after the Congress victory, Tamwardha Sahu would be a strong contender for the post of chief minister. That is why Congress got the support of Sahu society.