Raman Singh’s bonus in Chhattisgarh was also inversion, farmers upset

In order to satisfy the farmers in the electoral year, the Raman government called a cabinet meeting and decided to convene a special session of the assembly in Anan-Phanan. The intent was to clarify that it would be a supplementary budget to give bonus to farmers with paddy value.

The government claimed that the farmers were going to give Rs 21 a quintal of paddy and bonus government in line with their demand, but this bets are not showing any effect. Farmers’ organizations have become angry rather than happy. Earlier, after struggling the education workers, the government, which is struggling under the pressure of the demands of a group of teachers and other workers’ organizations, will now have to find new ways to honor the farmers.

Rajkumar Gupta, convenor of the Chhattisgarh Progressive Farmers Association, said – We did not ask for 21 quintals of paddy for the price. In his last election manifesto, the government had promised to give Rs 2100 to the paddy price and the bonus of three hundred rupees per year. This promise has not been completed. When the election approached, the two-year bonus was given.

Now, this year’s Paddy procurement is being prepared to give bonus along with the support price. It is claimed that the government has made the price of paddy 21 hundred rupees as per the demand of the farmers. By adding bonuses to the support price, the price of paddy will be Rs 2050 per quintal. While the government had promised to give support of 21 hundred rupees and the bonus of three hundred rupees i.e. total 24 thousand rupees per quintal itself. Farmers say that this election is the Shigupa.

Center and state not being fooled by farmers
Farmer Raj Kumar Gupta said that the Center and the state government have been trying to deceive the farmers. Earlier, the central government increased the minimum support price of paddy from 1550 to 1750 and propagated that we have completed the election promise to implement Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations. This is what the Raman government is doing now.

Farmers of Bastar will step up to state headquarter
Farmers buried under debt burden in Bastar will collect farmers’ jurisdiction from Jagdalpur to Raipur. In the past, farmers of Bastar formed Coregroup for this and also warned the administration. On 10th September the farmers will be on the pavement. From all the villages and towns on the way, farmers will be joining this pandit. Farmers say that we went under the burden of debt while no hearing is being conducted. This performance of farmers in the election year can be a big headache for the government.