Shah Baba, Rahul Baba has come out to take a decision on the leader of the CD

Kanker. We do politics of not developing deceit. I am telling this forum that we are going to contest the upcoming Vidhan Sabha under the leadership of Dr. Raman in Chhattisgarh and under the leadership of Narendra Modi in the center. Tell Rahul Gandhi that he will contest the election by keeping his face in front of them. This was done on Saturday by the BJP national president Amit Shah in a speech at the Vanvasi Sammelan held in Kanker, Chhattisgarh. He distributed the bonus to Tendupta collectors by joining the Atal Vikas Yatra here.

The BJP national president reached the Swami Vivekanand Airport at 12.30 pm on Friday. State Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, State BJP President Dharam Lal Kaushik, Minister Brij Mohan Agarwal, MP Ramesh Bais, MLA Shri Chand Chandra and other BJP leaders welcomed him at the airport.

After this he reached Narharpur directly in Kanker district, where he addressed the public meeting, he strongly condemned Rahul Gandhi. He said that Atalji recognized this part as tribal majority of the country as Chhattisgarh state and this state is constantly developing under the leadership of Dr. Raman.

Here the living standard of the tribals is continuously getting better. He said that Congress is a leadership party in today’s time. It has deviated from its path and its existence has weakened.

Mission 65 Plus Strategy

Amit Shah has set a target to win more than 65 seats under Mission 65 Plus for the forthcoming assembly elections in the state. Amit Shah has reached here to decide the strategy of this goal. From Kanker, they will reach Bhilai in the evening, where they will address the women’s conference. Here the BJP’s National General Secretary Saroj Pandey is busy preparing for the conference.