Shahganj upgraded to Nagar Parishad

Shahganj, a small town coming under the home district of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, was Gram Panchayat till 2010. The Government in the year 2010 upgraded its status to Nagar Parishad and the elected council was formed for the first time.

Moving ahead on the path of development, Shahganj never lagged behind in the last 10 years and has bagged first place in Swachhta Survekshan for the last 2 consecutive years in cities with less than 25,000 population.

Along with Swachh Bharat Mission, the Union Government led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set new milestones in urban sanitation. The sanitation works have been well defined under the Swachh Bharat Mission and the mission has accomplished many tasks to give it an institutional form as per the international standard.

Shahganj after the upgradation as Nagar Parishad, not only in cleanliness but has also carried out works for comprehensive development in other fields like potable water, construction of roads, street lights, development of public facilities and civic amenities.

Shahganj Nagar Parsihad has been honoured with three star rating for garbage free city in door to door garbage collection, for receiving ODF certification and construction of fecal sludge treatment plant.

The sense of responsibility and consciousness towards sanitation among the citizens of Shahganj is so high that the points earned by this town in Citizens Feedback under the Swachhta Surveskshan are highest in its category in the country. Proper availability of potable water is an important civic facility. Shahganj had tube well based water supply system when it was Gram


The Nagar Parishad Shahganj got the new water supply scheme sanctioned under the UIDSSMT of the Central Government, which is on the verge of completion.

This scheme is based on Narmada River water and will be capable to provide 135 LPCD (Liter per capita per day) pure potable water to the citizens for the coming 30 years. It conforms to the standard of CPHEO of potable water.

The development of internal roads is a major feature of urbanization. The main road of the urban area of Shahganj has been developed by MPRDC, while the construction of cement concrete internal roads have been done by the Nagar Parishad Shahganj with the grant received from the Government year after year.

The works like road constructed by the MPRDC, road dividers, street lighting and construction of footpaths were carried out by Shahganj under the Chief Minister Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme. The construction of cement concrete roads has helped in maintaining cleanliness, which has made the town more beautiful.

In order to earn the open defecation city status, personal toilets have been constructed in every house of Shahganj and two fully equipped community toilets and wash rooms have been constructed at public places.

These community toilets are being properly operated and maintained. In order to curb the trend of open defecation, an effective campaign was launched to change the mindset of the people and the works conducted through prabhat pheris, nukkad sabhas, personal contacts helped the town in receiving ODF++ certification. Works like regular collection of garbage and its proper management are being done by the Nagar Parishad. As a result of these efforts, Shahganj has received 3 star rating under the Garbage Free City for the year 2019.

Shahganj Nagar Parishad has its own well-maintained building with facilities like video conferencing. With the use of well maintained office building and modern facilities, good quality civic facilities are being provided and public grievances are being resolved quickly by the Shahganj Nagar Parishad.

This has led to a higher level of satisfaction among the citizens towards the services of the civic body. As a result, Shahganj has been declared the first city in the country to receive the highest citizen feedback. Apart from urban development, other departments have also conducted their activities with high quality in Shahganj, which has enabled this small town to ensure all-round development in a short time.