Shame, disgust: Rahul Gandhi over COVID-19 test kits cost row

New Delhi: After reports of profiteering in rapid test kits to detect COVID-19 emerged, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi expressed his concern on the matter, saying it is beyond belief that some people were indulging in profiteering from the immeasurable suffering of millions. He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention on the issue and demanded that strict action be taken against the profiteers.

“That any human being would try and profiteer from the immeasurable suffering of millions of his brothers and sisters is beyond belief and comprehension. This scam is an insult to every Indian. I urge the PM to act swiftly to bring the corrupt to justice,” Rahul tweeted.

” At a time when the entire country is fighting against the COVID-19 disaster, some people do not miss out on making profits through unfair means. Shame and disgust at this corrupt mentality. We request the Prime Minister that strict action is taken against these profiteers. The country will never forgive such people,” he said in another tweet in Hindi.