Shivraj’s government urges Election Commission to put off elections because of corona, Congress objects

The state government is opposed to holding by-election for 27 seats soon.

The government has dashed off a letter to the Election Commission, requesting that the by-polls may be put off for a few more days because of the corona pandemic.

According to sources, the chief secretary has written the letter, saying that the district administration is busy handling the coronavirus, and that the disease may spread during the election.

Six months have passed since the two Vidhan Sabha seats, Agar and Jaora, fell vacant. The dates for elections for these seats have been extended because of the corona pandemic.

Twenty-two seats having fallen vacant will complete six months on September 19. Three more seats have fallen vacant after three legislators have quit the Congress and the House membership.

If the commission accepts the government’s request, the by-elections may be put off till November when Bihar the Vidhan Sabha election will be held.

Against this backdrop, the by-polls in MP may be held with Bihar assembly elections.

Keeping in mind the corona pandemic, the commission wants to complete the by-elections in different parts of the country before the Bihar assembly polls.

The purpose is to know the problems that may occur in the elections because of covid-19.

The commission may take a decision this month whether the by-polls will be held in time or it may be put off for a few more days.

Nevertheless, the Congress has objected to the government’s request to the commission for putting off the by-elections.

Congress leader KK Mishra wanted to know the reasons for state government’s fear and the causes for its attempts to put off the by-polls.

By-elections should be held in time keeping in mind social-distancing norms, he said.