Shoot the traitors… slogans raised at Amit Shah’s rally in Kolkata

Kolkata: As the Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah visited Kolkata to attend a public meeting on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Sunday (March 1), BJP workers were seen raising controversial slogans, ‘Desh Ke Gaddaro ko, Goli Maaro Salon ko (Shoot the traitors..)’ at the rally.

Around 2 pm, a BJP rally was on its way from to the venue of the public meeting, when suddenly they saw that on the opposite flank some anti-CAA protestors were raising slogans against Shah’s visit.

The BJP workers immediately started raising ‘Desh Ke Gaddaro ko, Goli Maaro Salon ko’ slogans. The officials from Kolkata Police rushed in to prevent BJP workers from advancing towards the anti-CAA protestors.

The anti-CAA protestors were put inside a barricade to prevent them from spilling outside and advancing towards the BJP supporters.

Later, the BJP supporters were escorted back to the original route of the rally leading to the Shahid Minar.

While BJP remained tightlipped on the issue, Left and TMC leaders condemned the sloganeering.

This apart, Shah’s visit was marred by protests being staged by Left, Congress and other students organisations throughout the day.

However, police prevented all agitators from going close to the Home Minister’s convoy.