State government to give free treatment to journalists, kin hit by Covid

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday announced that the state government will provide free medical treatment to all media persons, whether they are accredited or not, and their family members, if they are infected with coronavirus.

Earlier this week, Chouhan had also declared accredited journalists as frontline workers (Corona warriors). “We have seen that while performing their duties and in the process of disseminating news, many journalists got infected with COVID-19 and some of them even unfortunately died,” the chief minister said in a media statement.

“Today, we have decided that all journalists and media persons, whether they are accredited on non-accredited, working in print, electronic and digital media, and their family members if found infected with COVID-19, then the Madhya Pradesh government will take care of their treatment and will not leave them on their own,” Chouhan said.

It will help the journalists in performing their duties in an effective manner and also ensure their better treatment, he added.