Streaming platforms gain more popularity than ever

Washington D.C.: Live streaming is gaining more popularity than ever, suggests a recent survey report. An easier assumption would be that the market is going down due to stiff competition. However, data proves it all wrong. In a year`s span since 2018, Facebook accounted for a 6 per cent increase in terms of streamers and a total of 78 per cent hype in the hourly average viewers.

According to a fourth-quarter report from a streaming tools provider StreamElements along with the metrics tracker, the industry as a whole has grown remarkably 12 per cent as compared to last year. Facebook gaming has also recorded a whopping 210 per cent visitors hat tip to the new streamer sign-ups.

At the same time, Twitch`s market shares stooped a little. But, it found a new path as the platform launched non-gaming categories recently. The platform has 11 per cent new content of the total content watched by streamers.

The report indicates that the waves of viewers and streamers have surged benefitting all the platforms more or less. According to the Verge`s report, a war to acquire talented performers on a streaming platform does not ensure that every platform is surely looking for similar kinds of audience.

With this, the conclusion can be drawn that people are willing to try out newer and diverse content on various streaming platform boosting the industry`s growth to a noticeable level.