Tap and pay with Google Pay NFC may become reality

Google Pay is likely to up the ante in India’s burgeoning fintech segment by launching NFC based payments. The NFC technology lets users transact without the need to swipe a card physically.

Instead, it simply needs a user to keep its NFC-enabled device close enough to the point of sale machine, which also needs to be NFC-enabled for completing the transaction. It is important to note that NFC stands for near-field communication.

Google Pay has been known for bringing innovation in payment technology. It was among the first platforms in India which launched UPI based payments. The platform recently also allowed its users to transact safely using their credit cards, and now it might soon the NFC-based technology.

The rumour of a possible NFC-based payments mode launch came after Android Police reported that Google Pay recently added a support page that explains how the technology works.

In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has currently limited NFC transactions at Rs 5000, which means that you’ll be able to transact up to this much amount at once from Google Pay via NFC, whenever it launches.

Recently, Google Pay has also ramped up its efforts to improve the security on the platform. In March 2021, the company gave more choices and controls to users on how they can manage transaction data on the digital payments platform.

“All users will be asked to choose whether they would like to turn the control on or off as soon as they upgrade to the next version of the Google Pay app,” Ambarish Kenghe, Vice President-Product, Google Pay, said in a statement.