Textile traders are okay with 25 % formula but want all shops to reopen post-June 7

BHOPAL: Textile traders said have said that they are ready to adhere to 25 per cent formula of market reopening, however, want the government to permit all other shops including readymade garment to reopen after first week of June so they can also do their businesses in the pre-monsoon wedding season.

However, other traders said that grocery shops and medical stores were open even during corona curfew period so they should not be considered under 25 per cent formula and so the traders of other categories like footwear, jewellery, electronics should now be allowed to do the business. This will help people to get other essentials too, they added.

New Market Traders Association general secretary Ajay Dewanani has demanded that the government should end all restrictions by the end of June first week, “We are ready to cooperate with government as far as unlocking guidelines are concerned but the government should ensure reopening of all shops after June 7 positively. This will help the traders to do their business in pre-monsoon wedding season.”

10 number market traders association president Raj Kumar Batra said, that because of the lockdown the entire electronic market †and those associated with it suffered hard and so the government should ensure that they are allowed to do their business.

“During lockdown, to ensure that people get their necessary daily goods, grocery shops were allowed to open during morning hours. Similarly, during this period medical stores remained open as usual, so these two categories should not be considered while allowing 25 % opening of the market.”

While allowing the reopening of the market under the 25 % criteria, the government should include other shops like electronics, garments, footwear and others as this will help other traders to do some business. During summers, electricians, electronic goods repair shops, electronic goods market thrive, however due to lockdown the traders could not do any business and now with the unlocking only two days have been fixed for them to open their outlets so how will they do their business,îasked Batra.

‘We’ll follow guidelines’

‘We will adhere to all guidelines. The government should ensure reopening of all shops after June 7 positively as this will help the traders to do their business in pre-monsoon wedding season.” -Ajay Dewanani, general secretary, New Market Traders’ Association.

‘Consider other categories’

“While implementing 25 % market opening formula, the government should not consider grocery shops and medical stores as they have been operating during lockdown. Shops coming under other categories should be allowed to open and do their business.” -Raj Kumar Batra, president, No. 10 Market Traders’ Association.