To-be-mothers advised to go for pregnancy test before getting jabbed

Bhopal : Go for pregnancy test. And, then, get jabbed. This is what the state health department has told the to-be-mothers at the time of vaccination.

As a result, vaccinating pregnant woman has become a more challenging job than giving a shot to normal people.

The number of to-be-mothers being jabbed has fallen short of the target.

The department has launched a drive to vaccinate pregnant women against covid-19.

The women in family way coming from villages do not know how to prove pregnancy. They can neither bring any certificates nor any other documents to confirm their pregnancy.

The officials, however, told Free Press that lady doctors were at the vaccination camp to test pregnancy.

There are systems to test a pregnant woman before she is vaccinated.

Health officials further said that this was the reason for setting up vaccination centres at hospitals.

Bhopal district immunization officer Dr Upendra Dubey said, “We hold vaccination camps in hospitals to conduct all tests including pregnancy test on the spot. Then women are given the jabs. For this reason, the vaccination centres are set up in schools instead of establishing them in schools and other places.”