Twitter announces paid service ‘Super Follow’, users can now charge for their tweets

New Delhi : Twitter is not completely free as the company believes that some of the tweets might be worth something. Recently, during a virtual Analyst event, Twitter announced a paid subscription service. Yes, you read that right, the micro-blogging site is planning to introduce a new feature, ‘Super Follows’, wherein followers will be able to pay the people they follow for some extra content.

Super Follow, a microblogging site is giving the opportunity to the content creators to earn a few cents. To elaborate on it, Twitter showed an example where a follower is being charged $4.99 per month for exclusive content such as special tweets, newsletter, access to a community, or a supporter badge, deals and discounts.

The main motive behind the paid post is to let the publishers and creators get direct payment from their fans or followers. The subscription fee of Super Follow will go for $4.99 (INR 350)per month, also, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Also, there are rumours that Twitter is planning to expand its new small-audio based rooms, Spaces tool and newsletter service.

Talking about when the new features Supper Follow and Communities will be in function, Twitter didn’t drop any hint. They just listed them as ‘what’s next’ during a presentation in the event.

In the year 2020, Twitter introduced Fleets similar to Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Twitter is working on ‘Safety Mode’. This new feature will automatically mute and block the accounts of those who abuse the rules.