Vaccine 100% effective against Covid deaths

Covid vaccines are 100 percent effective in preventing deaths due to coronavirus infection, an expert said on Thursday.

“If anyone gets Covid infection after taking the vaccine, then their condition will not become serious,” said Dr Smit Shrivastava, Head of Department, Cardiology Advance Cardiac Institute at Pt JLN Memorial Medical College here.

Vaccination of population in the risky age group or above 45 years will greatly reduce the death rate as this group constitutes 90 percent of the deaths due to Covid, he said in a statement.

Dr Shrivastava said Covid positive patients should wait at least 8 to 12 weeks before taking vaccine shots. Patients who have received plasma therapy during Covid infection should also wait for the same duration.

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and heart diseases who have been through bypass surgery, post angiography and dialysis can also take vaccine, he said.

Those taking blood thinner like warfarin or other new ‘anti-coagulation agents’ have a small risk of swelling at the injection site. Such people can skip their morning dose and get the vaccine shots and continue with regular doses, he said.

Cancer patients or those undergoing chemotherapy should consult their doctors to find a suitable time between chemo rounds. Ideally, after taking the vaccine shot, one should wait at least four weeks before taking chemotherapy, he added.