We are moving from Process Centric Tax System to Citizen Centric Tax System: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country is taking a “responsible step to safeguard taxpayers` rights, and assured the people that “tax harassment is a thing of the past” now. He said the country is moving ahead in the direction of tax encouragement with the help of modern technology.

Speaking at a TV Channel’s summit here on Wednesday (February 12), PM Modi said, “India is one of a few countries where taxpayerscharter will be implemented to define their rights. There is no charter even in rich nations. India is taking a responsible step to safeguard taxpayers rights. I want to assure that tax harassment is a thing of the past.”

The Prime Minister said that only 1.5 crore people pay income tax in the country, and added that in such a vast country like India, only 2,200 individuals have declared their annual income over Rs 1 crore.

The Central government is focusing on Tier-I and Tier-III cities, he said, adding “For the first time, a government has focused on the economic growth of small cities as well. We have honoured the big dreams of these small cities.”

The Prime Minister said, “Every government has been very hesitant to improve the tax system. There was no change in this for years. Now we are moving from a Process Centric Tax System to a Citizen Centric Tax System. India will join the select countries, where the taxpayers charter is implemented. The charter will clearly define the rights of taxpayers.”

The Prime Minister urged every Indian to introspect the issue of people evading taxes and the double whammy it is posing to the honest taxpayer.

Urging people to take a pledge and pay taxes, he said that making the Indian economy worth USD five trillion is not easy, but still is achievable.

“Today, India`s economy is worth USD 3 trillion… Did you ever hear that in the country a target was set to reach USD 3 trillion economy? Never. We reached (the target) of USD 3 trillion in 70 years,” he said.

Earlier, no one asked why it took so long and nobody gave an answer, but now we have set a target, facing the questions and making all-out efforts to achieve this target, he said, adding “For achieving the goal of being a USD 5 trillion economy, it is very important that there is an increase in manufacturing output and exports as well.”

He highlighted various decisions taken by the BJP-led Central government during its second tenure and added that todaysNew India` has left behind most of its problems.

PM Modi said that the government has embraced this spirit and had hit a century in decision making in the last months, adding that these changes have infused new energy at every level of society, filling it with confidence.

Today the poor of the country are feeling confident that they can improve their standard of living, remove their poverty and farmers are confident of increasing their income in farming.