‘Whenever I speak to MPs…’: PM Modi’s appeal ahead of Parliament Winter Session

PM Modi urged for making the Winter Session more productive by accommodating young and first-time MPs more in the debates so that they can learn from Parliament proceedings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged all floor leaders to give more opportunities to young members of Parliament and said whenever he speaks to MPs, they have one complaint that they do not get the opportunity to speak in the House because of disruptions. Calling the ensuing Winter Session crucial, PM Modi said the Parliament meets at a time when India has received the opportunity to preside over the G-20. “The manner in which India has made a space in global community, the manner in which expectations with India have risen and the manner in which India is increasing its participation on global platform, receiving the G20 Presidency is a huge opportunity,” PM Modi said.

“In this session, efforts will be made to take important decisions while keeping in mind taking the country to new heights of development and new opportunities to take the country forward amid current global situation. I am confident that all parties will add value to discussions,” PM Modi said and referred to the recent all-party meeting on G-20.

“G-20 summit is not only a diplomatic event but an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the mother of democracy in front of the world,” PM Modi said.

“I request all party leaders and all floor leaders to give more time to speak to the new MPs who are coming to Parliament for the first time — for their future and also for the future of democracy,” PM Modi said.

“Whenever I informally speak to MPs, from almost all parties, they say that Parliament sessions get disrupted. Young MPs complain that they are not getting to learn from Parliament as sessions get adjourned. This is a university of democracy. But our young MPs are getting deprived of the opportunity to speak.

The opposition leaders too have the same complaint that they are not allowed to speak which leads to a ruckus inside Parliament. “I expect all our leaders, floor leaders will understand the pain of our MPs,” PM Modi said.