Why Rahul Gandhi is advocating for terrorists and Maoists – Dr. Raman

Raipur. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr Raman Singh attacked the Congress President Rahul Gandhi for advocating the urban Maoists. They said that they are messing with the country’s security and interests. When whole India salutes the bravery of soldiers saying that we are with you, then Rahul is standing with the Maoists.

Dr. Raman Singh said that the Supreme Court’s decision has exposed the Congress lie. The country’s largest court has made it clear that there is no political reason behind the arrest of the urban Maoists arrested in Bhima Koregaon violence. The police had the facts for his arrest and the police did not misuse the power. The court has extended the detention of the captured urban Maoists to four weeks. The head of Rahul Gandhi, who lobbied for giving political color to the arrest of such people, should now bow down to shame. Dr. Singh said that Rahul Gandhi should make it clear that he is with the brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives on the country or with terrorists and Maoists who intend to divide the country.

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that Rahul’s mother Soniaji was involved in NSE, like a person like Vinayak Sen. Rahul is on the side of the people of Barabara, who are arrested as accused by the nation on charges of mischief. For the sake of politics, Rahul Gandhi would reach this level to spread chaos in the country, it was not imagined. They answer that for what reasons are playing the security of the country.

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that the way Congress President is supporting every move of national anthems, he is not tolerated in any way. Where slogans of India slice There Rahul looks. Where is the talk of nation’s devotion, their negative behavior comes out. Expressing doubts over the surgical strike, they have conveyed what type of politics they are executing. What is there to support the accusations of sedition, do not need to say.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that we have created an atmosphere of peace and development by working hard for 15 years continuously for the year to eliminate Maoist violence from the root of Chhattisgarh. In the Congress rule, it has emerged as a national problem by creating better action plans to deal with the flourished Maoism, which has led to a spurt in efforts to solve this problem across the country. But Rahul Gandhi is doing the abusive act of constructing political destabilization by becoming the advocate of Maoists. They are urged to behave like a constructive opposition leader by joining the mainstream of nationalism.