Yoga is key to healthy life: CM Baghel

Yoga is a simple, affordable and easily accessible way to live a healthy life, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel declared on Monday.

By practicing Yoga daily, one can protect oneself from the dangers of present and future, he said.

Baghel expressed these views while inaugurating a state-wide virtual Yoga practice and Yoga counseling programme on the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day, an official communication said.

The Yoga Commission is organizing the programme to reduce the effects of Covid-19 on people, those who have recovered from it, people in home isolation or quarantine centers as well as people who have taken the first dose of vaccine by boosting their immunity.

Free virtual Yoga classes will commence from May 31 and will be held for a year.

The Chief Minister said the damage to public health caused by Coronavirus has become a major concern.

The first and second waves of Covid-19 have greatly damaged everyone’s health. Those who have survived are facing mental stress. The second wave is not under control yet but the warning for the third wave has been received.

“We have to be physically and mentally prepared to face that third wave,” he said, adding this is why people’s immunity had to be strengthened.

Baghel said Yoga is a simple, cheap and accessible way to enhance immunity. This is why the government has chosen to start a virtual programme.

People can attend these classes live via Zoom app, Google Meet and Cisco Webex. Baghel said people living even outside Chhattisgarh can take advantage of this.

Presiding, Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Minister Anila Bhediya said Yoga can help people in getting rid of their addictions.

Yoga is an invaluable heritage of ancient Indian tradition and culture and it helps in aligning the mind, body and soul, she added.