Anupamaa: Netizens hail Rupali Ganguly’s heartwrenching monologue, call her a ‘blessing for audience

Actress Rupali Ganguly, who currently plays the titular role in the daily soap ‘Anupamaa’, has once again managed to win the hearts of the masses and leave them stunned.

In the latest episode of ‘Anupamaa’, the actress delivered a hard-hitting monologue about how her family, including her own kids, have been exploiting her all along.

The character Anupamaa, who is now divorced, has decided to marry for the second time with Anuj Kapadia, played by Gaurav Khanna, and her children as well as her ex-husband Vanraj’s family, seems to have a problem with it.

In the past few episodes, it was being highlighted how the family members were against the wedding, even though Anupamma was now legally divorced, and declared that a woman who is a mother and a grandmother cannot marry again.

However, in the latest episode, Anupamaa was seen shutting down her ex-husband, as well as schooling his mother for taking her for granted.

She also tells her kids Paritosh and Pakhi about how they sympathise when a stranger shares a sad story on social media, but at the same time mistreat their own mother at their home.

As soon as the episode was aired, fans claimed Rupali’s monologue to be revolutionary, and some even admitted to be unknowingly making similar mistakes.

Netizens hailed Rupali’s performance as Anupamaa and even called her a blessing for the national television and the audience.

‘Anupamaa’ revolves around the story of a homemaker, who sets aside society’s stereotypes and steps out to build an identity for herself, after being cheated by her husband and tortured by her family.

Ever since the inception of the show in 2020, it has been ruling the TRP charts, and has won the hearts of millions for its story which highlights the theme of women empowerment.