Bigg Boss 11: Let’s take a look at the ups and downs of Rapper Akash Dadlani’s journey

Bigg Boss 11 has witnessed umpteen number of ups and downs, making it no less than roller-coaster ride for the fans and the housemates
Talk about creating havoc in the house, and we have Akash Dadlani as the torchbearer. The rapper aka sport champion aka ‘Mr. Know It All’, managed to entertain the audiences thoroughly with his childlike innocence and tantrums.
What looked adorable and made viewers like Akash , gradually lost its sheen and got monotonous and annoying with time. His childlike innocence that earlier made Akash famous, backfired on him especially after he misbehaved and hurt Shilpa Shinde. The rapper, who considered Shilpa to be a motherly figure to him in the house, initially followed her like a baby but after a few misunderstandings cropped up, he changes sides and started speaking against her. Akash, who once considered Shilpa to be warm and protective, blamed her for being a liar, a fake human and also using him for the game.

This definitely did not go down well with the viewers who could no longer bear his loud personality and his tendency of making a mole out of a molehill. Immediately after entering the house, Akash had bragged about how he was related to the singer-musician Vishal Dadlani. But in a tweet made by Vishal himself, he cleared out how he did not know anyone known as Akash . During a recent padosi task for luxury budget, one family member of the respective contestants was called in to spend two days in the padosi house. It was here where Akash ‘ mother elaborated on their relationship with Vishal Dadlani. She also somewhat blamed Vishal for not supporting Akash when he needed it.

Akash , the young rapper went on to make a song for Bigg Boss 11 teaming up with fellow-mate and pop queen Dhinchak Pooja. Akash, in his funky avatar is usually seen at the receiving end of host Salman Khan’s sarcastic comments but the latter also doles out valuable advice once in a while.
Akash garnered a lot of sympathy from fans when his BFF Puneesh Sharma eventually betrayed him during the captaincy task. The rapper had gone berserk over Puneesh and was seen fighting with him Akash’ angry moments. Not just him, even Arshi Khan was seen standing like a rock beside Akash during his tiff with Shilpa, but soon the two too saw cracks develop in their friendship. Despite his funny antic sand loud behaviour, Akash has managed tosecure a spot in the top 5 contestants’ list of Bigg Boss 11. One thing is for certain, love him, hate him, you can’t ignore him.