Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra CONFESSES About The Reality Of Her Romance With Puneesh Sharma!

This week saw the pretty Bandgi Kalra being shown the door on Bigg Boss 11 – Weekend Ka Vaar. Post eviction, Bandgi shared some interesting details about her ‘romance’ with co-contestant Puneesh Sharma.

Bandgi said that her romance with Puneesh Sharma was for real and not fake just for the show. She expressed that nobody can just fake such a close relationship for a game and that her relationship with Puneesh was real and natural. Bandgi elaborated that if you are staying in the house for two months then it is not possible to fake a relationship of this kind. Bandgi also clarified that Dennis Nagpal was her ex-boyfriend and that her current boyfriend was Puneesh Sharma. She said that her relationship had already ended with Dennis before she went for the show.