Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla talk about Shehnaz Gill being rude

In tonight’s episode (January 7), Arti Singh is shocked to see Shehnaz’s changed attitude and her game plan. As a result of which, Sidharth and Paras also talk about Shehnaz turning into a rude person.

In the nomination special episode, housemates are first required to save a person. They take Mahira Sharma’s name. Shehnaz refuses to agree and says that Mahira is not afraid of nominations so why should she save her.

Mahira gets angry and tells Paras that she is annoyed to hear Shehnaz’s voice. Paras advises her to ignore Shehnaz and let her talk sh*t.

After cancelling Mahira’s name, they next suggest Arti’s name. Here too, Shehnaz refuses to save Arti. Shehnaz goes around saying that she will show everyone how to play the game.
Arti looks shocked to see Shehnaz would backstab like this. Paras tells her that he knew she wouldn’t save her. He just wanted to show Arti, the reality.

Paras tells Sidharth that Shehnaz has become very rude and going in a wrong track. Sidharth tells him that she will soon see her own fall.
On the other hand, the episode will see either Vishal or Madhurima leaving the house after their huge fight. Or will they choose to reconcile and play the game?