Bigg Boss Tamil 2 highlights: Oviya re-enters, this time as a guest; Kamal Haasan returns with a bang

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 hosted by Kamal Haasan kick started on a high. As the season 1 became very popular, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is expected to be even more bigger. This is the first edition of Bigg Boss, post the launch of Kamal Haasan’s political party. Therefore, apart from the usual entertainment factors of Bigg Boss show, audiences can expect some big political announcements too, from Kamal Haasan during the course of this reality show or after the completion of it. Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 was a runaway hit. Aarav was the winner of this season 1. Here are the highlights of the show.
11:05 PM : Oviya enters as the guest on Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Kamal requests her to act as a contestant and give advices to others. Oviya is an actress in Kollywood and was also seen in the previous season.
11:00 PM : Kamal Haasan announces that there will be no elimination in the first week of the show. Instead the reality series can see a new entry.
10: 55 PM : Kamal Hassan welcomes Aishwarya Dutta on stage. She makes a grand entry on the stage by dancing on some popular songs.
Aishwarya has acted in the film Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum. Aishwarya says she has been following Bigg Boss since childhood. She is happy to be part of this reality show.
10:38 PM : Next on the list to enter the Bigg Boss house is Shariq Hassan. He is the actor from the movie Pencil. Shariq Hassan is the son of famous celebrities Riyaz Khan, Uma Riyaz Khan. Kamal Haasan tells he knows all the three generations of Shariq Khan’s family – his parents and his Grand mother.
10:22 PM : As Nithya enters the house, Balaji waves at her. She goes towards him and greets him.
10:20 PM: Balaji has already enetred the house and now his wife is all set to to enter. Balaji and Nithya are separated. Nithya updates Kamal Haasan that, she is part of Kamal Haasan’s party. She tells Kamal that she wants to represent all the single mother’s out there.
10: 18 PM : Bigg Boss Tamil 2 brings in another twist as Nithya – RJ is introduced as the next contestant by Kamal Haasan. For the uninitiated she is ex wife of Balaji.
10: 10 PM : Kamal Haasan introduces Mamathi Chari – actress, RJ and Television Presenter as the next contestant. Mamathi Chari gifts seeds of Rose flower to Kamal Haasan.
09: 55 PM : Balaji requests Kamal Haasan to hug him. Balaji hopes that one hug from Kamal would help him a lot. Upon his request, Kamal Haasan hugs him and sends him inside the house.
09:50 PM: Kamal Haasan introduces RJ and VJ Balaji aka Dhaadi Balaji as the twelfth contestant. Balaji also performed on some popular numbers on stage. Balaji is happy that, Bigg Boss might be able to project and prove his real character.
09: 40 PM: Mumtaj doesn’t want to tell her name in front of Kamal Haasan. She goes down on her knees and tells her name. She further says that she accepted this invite so that she could see Kamal Haasan once a week. She was in tears while saying a goodbye to her cousin.
09:36 PM: Mumtaj has been introduced as the next contestant by Kamal Haasan. Mumtaj says, she herself does not know the real reason for accepting Bigg Boss Tamil 2.
09: 26 PM : Kamal Haasan introduces Riythvika, a film actress as the next contestant. Riythvika says, that her film is stuck for last few months and it has not released yet. She says, Bigg Boss would help her to showcase her talent.
09:22 PM : Sendrayan tells host Kamal Hassan how he watched one of his films buying a ticket in black…But, Kamal Haasan disapproves that act.
Sendrayan says, he doesn’t have the habit of eating on dining table. He asks permission from Kamal Haasan to sit on floor and have food.
09: 16 PM : Kamal Haasan introduces Sendrayan the actor as 9th contestant. The latest contestant expresses his desire to act in various languages like Malayalam, Hindi, English etc. Sendrayan performs on the stage on some popular songs.
09:00 PM : Ramya NSK – a Playback singer, the grand daughter of comedian N. S. Krishnan is introduced as the next contestant. Kamal Haasan comments about the Hair color of Ramya NSK. Later, Ramya NSK and Kamal Haasan sing Ninaivo Oru Paravai song together.
08: 40 PM : Ananth Vaidyanathan, a voice expert is introduced as the next contestant. Kamal Haasan appreciates the costumes of Ananth Vaidyanathan. Ananth Vaidyanathan’s students appear on stage and appreciate him. His students jointly sing few lines with him.
8:28 PM : Janani Iyer – engineer turned actress is introduced as the next contestant by Kamal Haasan. Janani is very happy to see Kamal Haasan in real. Janani tells, she would get reach of 10 films by participating in this Bigg Boss show.
8:19 PM: Vaishnavi – RJ is introduced as the next contestant by Kamal Haasan. Vaishnavi is also Grand Daughter of S. Vishwanathan. Kamal Haasan is impressed by her introduction.
8:13 PM: Kamal introduces the fourth contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 2. He is none other than actor Daniel Annie Pope. Daniel is happy to hear Kamal Haasan calling out his name. He is proud to have his mother in the gathering. He enters the Bigg Boss house and surprisingly, checks the rest room first.
7:58 PM: Mahat waves good bye to his girlfriend and enters the Bigg Boss house. Ponnambalam and Yaashika welcome him into the house. All the three are seen discussing about the facilities in the house.
7:50 PM: Actor Mahat Raghavendra is announced the third contestant in the Bigg Boss show. Mahat says being in the Bigg Boss house is both a boon and a curse. He performs for Shokkali song and a series of medleys. Mahat says he is honored to have met Kamal. Mahat’s girlfriend is also seen in the gathering. He shares his association with actor Simbu.
7:44 PM: Actor Ponnambalam makes an entry in the Bigg Boss house as the second contestant. Ponnambalam and Kamal Haasan mutually exchange compliments for their work. He invites Ponnambalam’s family who are eagerly waiting to see him in the house. Ponnambalam enters the Bigg Boss house. Yaashika is shocked to see Ponnambalam.
7:28 PM: Kamal welcomes Yaashika Aanand as the first contestant of the Bigg Boss house. Yaashika Anand promises to stand up to any challenge in the house. Kamal Haasan appreciated Yaashika’s way of handling internet trolls.Yaashika Aanand says that she wants to stereotype upon her. She promises to be herself throughout the show and enters the house.

7:18 PM: Kamal talks about the power and accuracy of the night vision camera.
7:16 PM: Kamal shows audience about the lounge, swimming pools, luxurious bedrooms (blue for gents, pink for women), confession room.

7:14 PM: Kamal Haasan elaborates on the changes in the Bigg Boss house.
7:10 PM: Kamal Haasan says participants are willing to come again and again. He talks about the changes in the new Bigg Boss especially colour and outlook. He takes us a tour of the Bigg Boss house.
7:05 PM: Kamal Haasan made a grand entry. He welcomed the audience. He says people are his strength.