‘Chalk N Duster’ tweet review: A bit melodramatic, but definitely makes the right impact

Directed by Jayant Gilatar, ‘Chalk N Duster’ stars Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla and Divya Dutta in pivotal roles. The film is anticipated to be an emotional journey of two teachers Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla) who strive to impart moral values to their students apart from good academic grades.
The story revolves around the relationship between teacher and students and sheds some light into the ever-changing education system and the crude exploitation of educationists. With a super-talented star cast to boast about and a noble message to be conveyed, will the film be able to deliver its full potential? Kriti Tulsiani from IBNLive.com was inside the theater to find out.
09:58 – #ChalkNDuster is all about teacher-student’s communication. Get ready to learn some interesting lessons.
10:00 – #ChalkNDuster begins with a classroom scene bringing back school memories. Nostalgic!
10:05 – @divyadutta25 is at her evil best. Cunning, wicked: a perfect ‘Hitler’.
10:14 – @AzmiShabana owns her introductory scene. She shows how the role of Maths teacher can be played with elegance. #ChalkNDuster
10:19 – @AzmiShabana’s transformation from a dedicated teacher to a loving wife is commendable. #ChalkNDuster
10:23 – It is hard to ignore @iam_juhi’s simplicity and grace in every shot. #ChalkNDuster
10:30 – Why does exploitation begin with new management? #ChalkNDuster will explore this.
10:34 – Sung by Sonu Nigam, ‘Aye Zindagi’ is a soothing track. Its lyrics written by Javed Akhtar. #ChalkNDuster
10:42 – The plight of over-worked, under-paid teachers makes you want to know what will happen next. Will #ChalkNDuster provide any solutions?
10:50 – Pandit badri prassad hari hari bol, sona chandi tol: an interesting way to memorize Trigo. @AzmiShabana #ChalkNDuster
10:57 – Recess! So far, so good. First half sustains interest with a convincing story. #ChalkNDuster
11:09 – @RichaChadha_ as a journalist is a surprise package. So compelling. #ChalkNDuster
11:15 – One of the many scenes that will leave an impact on you is when @iam_juhi speaks on exploitation and hardships. What power! #ChalkNDuster
11:20 – @JayantGilatar has employed an effective and at times over-dramatic storytelling to convey a noble message.
11:30 – With tears in eyes and a smile on face, @AzmiShabana pulls off her telephonic chat with husband flawlessly. Respect. #ChalkNDuster
11:51 – While the storyline gets a little repetitive, yet it manages to keep you engrossed. #ChalkNDuster
11:53 – Jackie Shroff, Arya Babbar, Rishi Kapoor add to the impact of their film with their effective roles. #ChalkNDuster
12:04 -Did you know Yahoo and Google are abbreviations? @chintskap’s special quiz-sequence might give you a general knowledge surge! #ChalkNDuster
12:13 – #ChalkNDuster might be a little stretched, a bit melodramatic too, but definitely makes the right impact.
12:19 – Let education not be business product meant for commercial gain- that’s the message film sends out. More power to our teachers #ChalkNDuster