Did you know? ‘Built my own brain’ Kangana Ranaut failed chemistry in Class 12

Kangana Ranaut, who made her official debut on Twitter has bagged her first headline for legit trolling after she made some “scientific” comments around mental health on the microblogging platform.

Neuroscientist Dr Sumaiya Shaikh slammed Kangana for opining on everything under the sun.

She wrote, “Why is it so difficult to not give an opinion on everything under the sun? Stay in your lanes unless you can back your statements with learned information or experiences.”

A rattled Kangana replied, “Dr Dolittle please explain blood reports can detect mental illness? If I am depressed will my blood or scans will be different than other healthy individuals? Can MRI scans show bipolar and other psychological illnesses?”

Shaikh wrote back asserting, “You shouldn’t have opined no matter how convincing Mr Jaggi Vasudev seemed Depression- caused by biological (like genes, hormones & physiology), psychological, & environmental factors. Only responding because of the subject sensitivity but mental health is more than depression.’”

However, it was Kangana’s ‘response that made backfired brutally resulting in enormous trolling.

She wrote, “I know about grey matter, neurons and their interactions through electrical events n neurotransmitter, I have been a science student, have done a project on brain where I constructed 3D model of human brain, I have also taken private tuitions of human psychology.”

What is Kangana Ranaut’s educational qualification?

Kangna was the small-town girl from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, who had just finished her high school from DAV School in Chandigarh’s Sector 15.

According to reports, Kangana initially planned to become a doctor. She chose science as her core subject for class 12. However, she failed a unit test leading her to reconsider career choices.

In 2013, Kangana told Hindustan Times, “My parents wanted me to be a doctor. So, I took up science, but then realised that my heart was not in it at all. The thought of treating ailing people was very depressing. Do not get me wrong here. Medicine is a noble profession, but not everyone is cut out to be in it.”

However, in another statement to NDTV in 2014, Kangana said she was quite studious during her academic days. “I was a medical student, so I spent most of my school days studying to become a doctor. I was very studious. I was always paranoid about my results. I would stay up all night to study. Most of the time I would either be at home or in the library with my head in the books all the time. I would always compete to top the class,” she said.

The actress moved to Delhi at the age of 16 where she discovered her love for acting. Eventually she shifted to Mumbai to pursue a career in films.

After doing a couple of films in Bollywood, Ranaut went to New York to study filmmaking. “It was a unique experience to go back to school. I enjoyed sitting in the classroom, attending lectures, doing homework. I never had any formal education in acting. I understood the techniques of filmmaking, but I wanted to understand them more,” she said.

However, she left the course mid-way to promote her film ‘Queen’.