Director Amole Gupte on why he chose to make Saina biopic

New Delhi: Director Amol Gupte’s upcoming Saina Nehwal biopic tells an inspiring story of the Badminton champ who made the country proud with her top performance and brilliant sport. Parineeti Chopra plays the lead role in the biopic.

Right from its announcement to the trailer launch, ‘Saina’ biopic is touted to be one of the best and biggest sports biopics in the country. Although we have seen several films based on cricket or hockey, acclaimed director Amole Gupte, was deeply moved by the story of Saina Nehwal.

The director when asked why he chose to make a film on the not-so-talked about the sport of Badminton over other popular sports, Amol Gupte said, “I go where my heart leads. I was fascinated by Saina’s story, when I saw this young girl go on to become the World No. 1 in Badminton, the first woman to achieve this feat for India. Saina is a story of this simple girl from a simple middle-class background who worked towards becoming the champion”.

To even decided to visit Saina and her family in Hyderabad. “I was excited to burrow neck deep into her life and her journey. I was taken aback by the World No. 1 champion and her family’s modesty. Their honesty, simplicity and humility left me awe-inspired.”

Producer Bhushan Kumar concluded, “Since the time Saina Nehwal became a World No.1, she brought limelight towards the sport of badminton and then several young girls and boys started leaning towards the sport. Hers is a story of female spirit and determination to dream big. I am proud to be associated with the film that will help celebrate the sport, the never-give-up spirit and make young minds dream.”

Saina produced by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar and Front Foot Pictures’ Sujay Jairaj & Rasesh Shah releases on March 26, 2021.