Hrithik Roshan’s hilarious video practicing Bihari accent on ‘Super 30’ sets goes viral

As ‘Super 30’ today celebrates its third anniversary, we stumbled upon a fun, behind-the-scenes prep video of Hrithik Roshan, who won rave reviews for his performance in the biographical drama.

While we often hear of how actors shut themselves out and isolate to prepare for an intense role, the Hrithik knows how to deliver the best performances all while having fun.

In a throwback video, Hrithik is seen rehearsing his dialect and accent for ‘Super 30’ with his dialect coach while also having some light-hearted banter. The superstar had a humorous conversation with his coach describing what a ‘situation’ means with the popular muhavara ‘pet mein chuhe daud rahe hai’ while discussing hunger, all in Bihari dialect.

‘Super 30’ holds a special place in Hrithik’s heart as he was celebrated for his nuanced performance in the inspirational story that follows the life of ace mathematics teacher Anand Kumar.