Indraneil Sengupta draws flak for calling his wife Barkha ‘Neighbours’ envy, owner’s pride’; Internet user slams him for ‘objectifying’ women

Indraneil Sengupta, who is married to his co-star from Doli Saja Ke and Pyaar Ke Do Naam, Barkha Sengupta, has drawn flak for objectifying women with the caption of his latest post on social media.
The actor shared a picture of his wife Barkha standing in the balcony of their room in a black dress on Thursday (August 13), and wrote alongside, “Neighbours’ envy, owner’s pride.”

It was meant to be in jest but a female user objected to its inappropriate use. A user wrote, “Was looking for the leash on her neck from the owner…Intellectual captions are rare, definitely onida had it… sadly not all does!”
In response, Indraneil clarified, “hahaha I knew the ‘owner’ would draw some flak, but it’s just a fun use of the popular line.”

However, she called out Indraneil for influencing others with the frivolous usage of the term and addressing them as objects that need ownership.

She wrote, “I definitely tried to find the fun but maybe I lack a good sense of humour. Or maybe in my own way I am trying to resent the idea of women being as addressed as an object that needs ownership. Your words matter more than my words, I would request you to use them wisely since we (women) have a different battle to fight everyday, and sometimes a little hand of help matters more #thankyou.”