I’ve cut direct source of insult and abuse in my life: Sonakshi after deactivating Twitter

Actor Sonakshi Sinha says she didn’t think twice before deactivating her Twitter profile as she believes she is “better off” without the negativity on the social media platform.
Last week, the “Dabangg 3” star announced that she was steering clear of the microblogging site and also disabled the comments section of her Instagram account.
Sonakshi elaborated on her decision to deactivate Twitter, on which she had amassed around 16 million followers since joining the platform, on late Sunday night.
“Your negativity has never served me or my life, which is why it literally took a snap of a finger to get rid of a following of 16 million people which I’ve garnered over the last ten years. Just like that. And I’m better off for it.
“I wish all those haters and trolls lots of love and healing, or you can continue with the hate but please know it’ll never reach me,” she captioned the video.
The 33-year-old actor said she realised staying away from Twitter is beneficial for her.
“Some people are celebrating like they won something. I’m happy for you. You are feeling it, good for you, no one cares. But let’s face it, I’ve cut the direct source of insult and abuse in my life.
“I’ve taken away your power to be able to say whatever it is that you want to me, my family and my friends. I’ve taken away that access you had to me, that I had given you so trustingly. So there’s only one winner here. Me.” The actor said it is the support of people who love her that has kept her going.
“I request you all to keep spreading that love and light wherever you go and to as many people as you can. Because love is the answer. Always,” she wrote. On Sunday, actor Sonam Kapoor also opened up about the social media abuse she has been receiving amid the ‘outsider versus insider’ debate in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.