Just Katti, no Batti: Did Kangana Ranaut accuse Deepika Padukone of interfering in her life?

Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone’s tumultuous relationship has been the talk of B-Town ever since the onset of this year. Several fallouts and patch ups later, the two have decided to discuss their friendship more openly now. And in a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut indirectly blasted Deepika Padukone and also referred her as ‘interfering’.

The interview in question was the one with celebrated journalist Rajeev Masand. Rajeev decided to play the Katti-Batti game with the leading actors and the director and Kangana soon knew what she was getting into. “I know where it’s going,” Kangana said even before the game began.

And when Rajeev picked up Deepika’s placard, Kangana immediately made a face. As if she’s expected it to come. And up came the ‘Katti’ board. Kangana added, “We didn’t meet, we didn’t hug, we didn’t cry. We aren’t emotional at all.” Is there any chance of a Batti soon? “I just want to be left alone. That’s what I want.”

Next up was Sonam Kapoor’s name and Kangana had a different opinion altogether. “I don’t have an equation as such with Sonam but she’s quite sweet whenever we meet.” But Kangana clarified that it’s the ‘interfering’ lot that she stays away from. “Also what matters is when someone doesn’t interfere in your life zabardasti, it’s all fine. When people try to be forcefully interfering in your life, they are the people who deserve to be Katti with.”

So are people interfering in her life currently? The Queen shot back almost instantly, ” All the time. They should concentrate on their work because probably what they want to achieve by interfering in my life, they will achieve when they concentrate more on their films, their work and their performances.”

“But that’s not happening. They are obviously not getting what they want,” she added with her trademark chuckle.

No matter what happens, Kangana has repeatedly hit out at Deepika at various events and instances. She spoke out directly against Deepika when she allegedly dedicated her Best Actress trophy this year to Kangana. Kangana clearly sent out catty remarks claiming that Deepika did it just for show because she never actually called her up personally to congratulate her for Queen. Post that, DP made a phone call to Kangana and sorted the entire matter. But their friendship was short lived as trouble started brewing after Deepika decided to skip Tanu Weds Manu Returns special screening, despite Kangana attending her Piku screening. Ever since then, there’s only fire and no ice between the two actresses. Hence the ‘only Katti, no Batti’ remark from Kangana didn’t quite surprise us.

And we’re pretty sure that she indirectly targeted Deepika when she spoke about being Katti with people who interfere in her life. Now, before Kangana goes on an overdrive to deny the stories, we are intelligent enough to do the math, Kangs! So are our readers.