Kannada Actors Feared Dead After Chopper Stunt At Dam, Filmmakers Charged

BENGALURU: A massive search continues for two actors believed to have drowned while shooting a dramatic chase sequence on Monday, for which they jumped from a helicopter into a dam near Bengaluru.

Stuntmen Anil and Uday, while filming the climax of Kannada movie “Masthigudi”, plunged into the waters from a height of around 30 feet and never surfaced. The lead actor of the film, Duniya Vijay, had also jumped but he was saved in time.

The producer, director and stunt director have been accused of criminal negligence in a police complaint.

Divers and rescuers scoured the waters for hours before calling off the search at night. They resumed their search this morning.

Stuntmen Anil and Uday (pictured right) were not wearing life jackets

Officials fear that the two men may have got stuck in silt in the backwaters, which is usually off limits to the public and where the filmmakers were reportedly shooting without permission.

One of the actors had said before the stunt that he was nervous, but that he knew there were safety arrangements.

“Duniya Vijay had a life jacket but the other two did not,” senior police officer Chandragupta told NDTV.

There were no rescue boats or life jackets at hand. Expert swimmers, who should have been present during the shoot, came only later.

A small boat with life jackets had been positioned close to the spot where they jumped. It is being investigated why it failed to save the men.