Love to do Most Impactful Part in a Story, Says Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao is a popular name but stands different from other rising Bollywood stars. Despite picking and playing meaningful roles carefully, the actor recently revealed that he too has some regrets throughout his career.

Speaking to HT, Rajkummar Rao admitted that when he looks back he often regrets some films he did for emotional reasons but still is happy about not missing out on good roles. Remembering his journey Rao stated that every time he feels doubtful about his achievements he looks back at his journey to see where he has come from to acknowledge his efforts.

He added that his target is not to play the lead role in a film but to play an impactful character. He said, “I really don’t see anything else, and when you do that, it isn’t necessary that you will get the lead role. Yes, I’m a greedy actor, too, and would love to do the most impactful part in a story. But, I know that it might not happen every time. So, when you don’t get that, you don’t stop working. The idea is to make the character I’m portraying as impactful as possible.”

Rao made his last appearance in Made In China. The film received mixed reviews for its narrative but appreciated Rao’s performance. Currently, he is filming for Turram Khan and RoohiAfza, both comedy films.