Madhuri Dixit drops hope anthem ‘Candle’ amid COVID-19 crisis, Karan Johar is all praisesMadhuri Dixit drops hope anthem ‘Candle’ amid COVID-19 crisis, Karan Johar is all praises

Filmmaker Karan Johar on Saturday praised the evergreen actor Madhuri Dixit Nene’s debut single ‘Candle’ to boost positivity and hope amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

The ‘My Name is Khan’ director put out the video on Twitter. In the video, Madhuri is seen crooning to the song of ‘positivity.’ In the post accompanying the video, he wrote, “Is there anything my supremely talented friend @MadhuriDixitcannot do ??? Please give this beautifully rendered song a soulful listen! The world of music welcomes you Madhuri! #newsingle #CandleByMadhuri.” Earlier in the day, the ‘Devdas’ star shared the official music video during the Facebook live session.

The video has additional clips of empty roads, and closed institutions, to indicate the impact of the ongoing coronavirus crisis across the world.

The song intends to bring high hopes and positivity among people amid these trying times. The music video ends with the actor lighting a candle.

“This is dedicated to all those fighting on the frontlines. They are the real heroes today. We need to burn bright like the candles through the hurricane and emerge stronger together,” read lines towards the end of the video.

On her birthday, the timeless beauty Madhuri commemorated the love and wishes she received on her birthday and shared an exclusive preview from hope anthem – ‘Candle’ to boost positivity amid the coronavirus pandemic.