Rakhi Sawant on PM Modi dress: ‘I am accountable only to Modi ji; got approval from BJP’

Controversy’s favourite child aka Rakhi Sawant is at it again. With a dress or without one, Rakhi has managed to hit the headlines with her antics.
The actress, who was in attendance at a pre-Independence Day party in Chicago, USA, was seen wearing a garish black number emblazoned with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Besides the tiny head shots of the PM, the worst part seems to be the PM’s figure that’s placed strategically enough for his hand to land right on Rakhi’s bust.
And behind, Sawant’s butt bore another image of Modi with the Prime Minister seemingly giving the actress’ booty a first class rating with his gestures.
So what was Ms Sawant thinking when she went ahead with this so called show of patriotism?
Rakhi Sawant speaks to Firstpost from Chicago, “I have got this dress made from all my heart and love for our dear prime minister. He is the best PM and I am representing him in the US. I just want to tell people: ‘Don’t waste your time creating controversies over my dress, instead take care of your family. There are more serious issues in India that needs to be dealt with, like rape of little girls, farmers committing suicide…So live and let live and don’t waste your time on my dress. Love you guys.’ The dress has been designed by a new designer called Sayki.”
She continues, “I wore this dress so that I can impress BJP, especially Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah. I love them both. Rajnath [Singh] called me, he considers me as his daughter. I met him in Delhi and I will meet him again. I am already BJP’s daughter. I made this dress so that I can impress Modi ji. Modi ji is my dream man. I am most happy that he is our PM and he will remain one for next 15 years. Wherever I go I will wear this dress, and I will also make one sari with his image on it.”
Rakhi says that she doesn’t fear controversies or being attacked for this act.
“I had first sent this costume for approval and if Modi ji says that he never approved my dress, then he can put me behind bars, only he has the right to do so. Nobody else. I’m accountable only to Modi ji. I got it approved from him and his team and only then wore the dress. I respect Modi ji, I respect Amit Shah and all the BJP members. In the future, I want to join BJP and do lot of work. If they want me in their party, I will be with them,” she adds.
Besides the pre-independence party in Chicago, Rakhi says, she also wore the dress at the World film festival in San Francisco. “I represented Modi ji and our country in Chicago and San Fancisco. I will auction this dress for poor children, who live in orphanages and also those suffering from cancer. If anybody wants to bid for it, then they can go ahead and do so. I am the true daughter of India, that is why I am promoting India and Modiji.”