Rishi Kapoor on getting back to work: I hope I haven’t lost my touch and hope I’m still an actor

Rishi Kapoor who has been on a break for almost a year due to health reasons is now better and may soon return to Mumbai and get back to the work too. In an interview with Times of India, Kapoor opened up his battle with cancer, about his challenging phase, what taught him and what he is now looking forward to.

When asked about the challenging phase and what he learned from it to the same the veteran actor said, “The most important thing that these past nine months taught me, apart from the fact that I had to recover from a disease, is patience. I never had that before. God has taught me that patience is the mother of all virtues. My (medical) treatment is hardly for an hour once in four weeks, but it takes long for it to work on you. It’s not a push-button thing that you do it once, and then you will be alright.”

He also commented on the fact of how his friends from the industry came and met him in NYC. He said that how their visit is because of his goodwill and how not just actors but also many people from various walks of life paid him a visit. He also spoke about how he reacted when he got to know that he has been diagnosed with cancer. The actor who will be seen in Jhootha Kahin Ka said that he had no time to react as he immediately flew to New York.

haring his excitement on working again, he said that it is an overwhelming situation and he will be doing the two films which he has already signed. He also stated that he may have forgotten acting as he never stayed away from the camera for such a long time. Finally, he ended the chat by saying that he cannot wait to face the camera again. He stated, “I hope I haven’t lost my touch. I hope I am still an actor. I will be coming back to India after a year of not working in films.”