Saif Ali Khan says it was his idea not to hide Taimur from media glare

Saif Ali Khan is a protective father when it comes to baby Taimur. His actress wife Kareena Kapoor Khan had once mentioned that it was Saif’s idea to keep pictures of their baby under wraps. Everyone got to see how the paparazzi went berserk to catch a first glimpse of the Chota Nawab, days after his birth. In a recent interview, the ‘Rangoon’ actor came clean and stated the reason behind his actions.
Expressing his concern over the lengths the media would go to, just to get a picture of the toddler, Saif said that his decision was to see to the security of his son. He further added that the more one hides something, the further curiosity increases. To avoid all the “push and shove”, Saif revealed that it was his idea to give the media what they wanted, which is why he asked wife Kareena to hold Taimur’s hand and make him wave at the photographers at a recent outing.
Above all, Saif said that he doesn’t understand why Taimur was being treated any different from other children out there given that many couples put up their children’s pictures all the time.