Shah Rukh Khan shares innovative, filmy appeal amid Janata Curfew

In a creative, witty appeal to the public amid rising coronavirus concerns, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday shared a video to spread some cheer and awareness.
On a day when the country observed Janata Curfew, the 54-year-old actor said the initiative called on by PM Narendra Modi “will help against the spread of virus”.
Shah Rukh’posted an over 5 minute-long video in which he used his old movies and songs to drive the message of taking necessary precautions and most importantly, hope, during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.
“InshaAllah #JantaCurfew will help against the spread of virus, though we may have to do this again. The clapping brought so much cheer. So a reminder of safeguards, with some cheer… Pls take it in the right spirit. To all relentlessly working today – Extremely Grateful. Thx!” he captioned the clip shared on Twitter.
The actor began the video asking the viewers that he hoped and assumed they are at home which is the “most prudent place to be in terms of the coronavirus right now”.
“I feel there are a lot of good things to do when you are at home. It gives you the opportunity to be close to your loved ones. But not this close, but you have to be a few metres apart. You could pick up one of those hobbies that you always wanted to do but you never found time, like me and the guitar or maybe not,” he quipped as he almost dropped the guitar.
The actor then shifted into a more serious demeanour, saying how in such troubled times there is a need to go back to simpler things.
“The thing is – coronavirus is taking over our minds hearts and bodies, of course, and slowly creeping into our souls. Things are becoming overwhelming with information and misinformation. We are scared and rightly so, and everywhere things are happening.
“My mother used to say whenever you are confused go back to the basics,” he added.
What follows next in the video is Shah Rukh explaining the symptoms of the virus and the precautions one can take against it in full filmy style.
“Here are the symptoms of’coronavirus: coughing and fever,” he said, which next cuts to the popular song “Loveria Hua” from his 1992 film “Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman”.
The actor later quipped, “No not that kind of fever, not the Loveria kind. Actual fever”.
This then leads to a scene from “Kal Ho Na Ho”, in which his character Rahul is in the hospital on his deathbed, followed by the another snippet from the same film where he comes running on a New York bridge and panting to highlight the symptom of fatigue.
For the next symptom of sore throat, the video shows the funny train scene from the 2013 film “Chennai Express” where his character loses his voice from fear when surrounded by the goons.
“If you have these symptoms or if you have symptoms that make you feel uneasy, please consult and rely your on your doctors for the right information,” he added.
To safeguard oneself, the video, next urges people to avoid large groups firstly.
The scene from his 2017 film “Raees”, where his character is shown waving at a huge rally gathered in his support, follows which he said shouldn’t be how its done.
To show how to self-quarantine at home, Shah Rukh took the help of his last release 2018’s “Zero”, where his character is seen sitting alone in the corner of a big room.
To avoid touching each other, he invoked 1997’s song “Chand Tare Tod Laaoon” from “Yes Boss” film, which shows a woman touching his face.
He used snippets and songs from his films such as “Fan”, “Chalte Chalte”, “Dil Se”, “Happy New Year”, “Badshah” and “Baazigar”.
“If you have to, sneeze in the the pit of your elbow, make sure nobody sneezes on your face or coughs. If they do then you know what to do,” and what follows is the famous spitting scene from 2004’s “Main Hoon Na” where Satish Shah’s character spits on Shah Rukh and the latter ducks Keanu Reeves’ Neo from the Hollywood sci-fi hit “The Matrix”.
“Be safe, be healthy. I pray for your loved ones and your family. And you please do the same for me and my family.
“Please rely on the correct information from the state governments, from the central government or your local authorities and Inshallah we shall overcome this,” the actor said as he starts playing Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” on the guitar.
As per the video, all protocols were followed while filming it, adding “no hi-fives were exchanged”.