Sonu Sood recalls being shocked when he discovered people napping on a south film set

Sonu Sood has worked extensively in the various southern film industries and in a recent chat, Sonu shared that he was quite shocked with the way a film set in the south functions when he first started working there. Sonu recalled, in a conversation with ANI, that he was quite shocked when he was shooting in Madurai and found that every unit member on the set was taking a nap after lunch.

“I used to be very shocked. There is a one-hour lunch break. In that, they used to eat in 20-25 minutes and then everyone would find a corner and sleep. I was shooting in Madurai and I was sitting on a chair, I looked up and saw everyone was taking a nap. I asked a guy why is everyone sleeping so he told me that we feel fresh after taking a nap. That’s the culture there,” he shared.

Sonu spoke highly about the organised and professional nature of the film business in the south and said, “The day we would start shooting, we would know the release date of the film. Your dates would be locked. You know what time you have to show up and what time you will get off. Maybe I was very lucky to work with filmmakers who were very organised.”

The nap time after lunch might surprise many but Sonu shared that the shoot time starts fairly early. “They have something called the ‘sunrise callsheet’ which means that the first shot will be done as soon as the sun rises,” he said. Sonu explained that if the sun is supposed to rise at 6:30 am, they would be on the set at 5-5:30 am, get ready and finish a few shots as soon as the sun was out. The breakfast would be served after this was done. In his early days, Sonu wondered why they don’t serve breakfast before shooting and recalled what he was told. “They said work is more important, so we start working first and then eat, and then we can continue to work for many hours,” he said.