Sunil Grover reveals why he never returned to The Kapil Sharma Show

It’s been over a year since popular comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover made headlines for their much-publicized quarrel aboard a flight.

While it started as a mid-air brawl in March 2017 and followed by downfall in their careers, the latest one is the blame game on Twitter.

On March 16, Sunil, in a reply on Twitter to a fan who asked him to return to Kapil’s new show Family Time with Kapil Sharma, said he never received a call from the production house even though ‘his phone number hasn’t changed’. He tweeted that he waited for a call from the team but now has signed a new project. The tweet resulted in a Twitter war between Kapil and Sunil, with the former accusing Sunil of lying as he claimed to have had approached him several times.

Now, after over a year, Sunil has opened up on why he never returned to The Kapil Sharma Show after the much-hyped mid-air fight.

“If you have noticed I have not done a regular show since last year. I have either hosted award functions, reality show finale or done live events. I did not take up any regular show. I am not denying that Kapil didn’t call me to return on TKSS, he even came home once and sent his two people to discuss work. But I was not mentally prepared to return to the show after the mid-air fight. I just want to clarify I am not targeting Kapil,” The Times of India quoted Sunil as saying.

Elaborating on the latest Twitter fight, he added that his tweet was in response to fans’ constant queries. “I was tired of the fan’s continuous questions about whether I was going to be a part of Kapil’s upcoming show, so I decided to answer it. But I had no intentions to fight with Kapil or say any nasty things about him. I remained silent even after the fight that took place last year. I never said anything. I was under pressure since few days as my fans kept on asking me if I am doing the show and I just reacted [sic].”

Meanwhile, Kapil’s new show has all the team members of The Kapil Sharma Show including Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar, and Navjot Singh Sidhu. Neha Pendse has joined the team as Kapil’s co-host.

Family Time with Kapil Sharma will go on air from March 25. The game show is a blend of fun and interesting games played by the families invited to the show. And of course, it will have a dose of celeb glamor.