Sunny Leone reveals the real reason why she is doing Milap Zaveri’s ‘Mastizaade’

Sunny Leone will be next seen in sex-comedy ‘Mastizaade’, directed by Milap Zaveri. She will be playing double role in the movie. Since the trailer was launched and audience saw her in double role and everyone had a question why did Sunny Leone choose to do this film. But, here the real reason behind why Sunny agreed to do ‘Mastizaade’.

During a recent media interaction when asked Sunny why did you take up this project? She replied saying, “When Rongita and Milap met Daiel, my husband, Milap gave few scenes and little bit of narration of the movie. And this the only time when it’s happened he calls me (Daniel) and tells me we are coming upstairs you have to hear this story and this is the 1st time Daniel is so excited about the story. Then he came upstairs, Milap told me the first half of the movie and it was so funny.”

Sunny and her husband Daniel loved the script and were super excited to look forward to it. While the movie is based on adult comedy Sunny did not fear about what people would think about her. “When I think of these types of movies I don’t think..Oh! You know! Log kya sochenge? Like, Oh my god! What are people going to think, you can do this. All these things don’t go through my mind because I have raised watching these types of movies. It’s like so crazy, this movie is walking in the park compared to those movies. I think of the story, I think of the movie and you know this was right after Ragini so we saw nice to make comedy. We just wanted to have fun and do a film which is just funny. So, that’s how the movie came about.” She adds

So this winter, enjoy the double dose of Sunny Leone as she hits the theaters on 29th January.