Wild wild west: What’s the big fuss about Deepika Padukone working with Vin Diesel?

deepika-vin-380-gettyWhy are we so upset with the new Coldplay video? It’s a beautiful melody shot in the touristic way that foreigners capture India, whenever they feel inclined towards exotica. What is wrong with Beyonce playing ‘Rani’ the Bollywood queen, all swathed in desi chic?Are we just upset because Sonam has a walk-on part in the video? Yes? But why should Coldplay honour her with any more space than they feel she is worthy of? And why criticise the video for it when it was Sonam and her PR team which keeled over with excitement at the thought of getting space in it?Blame Sonam and before that, her father Anil Kapoor, for making us believe that the West has a place for our actors. Barring Irrfan Khan, no Indian actor is of any importance in Hollywood. Not even Priyanka Chopra, whose achievements in the West have been hyped beyond all definitions of hysteria.

The truth, if her fans(and that includes me) are willing to face it, is that Priyanka’s musical career in the West is non-existent. Her singles ‘In My City’ and ‘Exotica’ hardly set the charts on fire. And let’s be honest. They were laughably mediocre attempts to impress the firangis. Then there’s Quantico. The less that’s said about that show, the better.Now it’s Priyanka’s Bajirao Mastani co-star Deepika Padukone’s turn to fly to LA to work on the new Vin Diesel film. In her excitement, Deepika, who currently has a dream career in India, posted pictures with Vin Diesel’s back to the camera. When later she revealed the identity and purpose of the image, we were supposed to gasp in orgasmic joy.

We will, Deepika. When we see the extent and impact of your role in XXX. Do you really think it will give you as much dignity and grace as what your Bollywood assignments in recent times have got you? Remember Anil Kapoor in Mission Impossible? Or even Irrfan’s role in The Amazing Spiderman.I seriously doubt it. But then I may be wrong. Please prove me wrong. Nothing will make me happier.In the meanwhile we Indians are all excited about apni Priyanka Chopra being chosen to present an award at the Oscars night. Let’s hope it’s not for ‘Best Achievement In The Field Of Winning & Wooing The West.’