Adele’s Weight Loss Journey: Check out the Sirtfood diet and how the singer lost 22 kg following it

Grammy-winning singer Adele is on a roll! She has shocked her fans with a dramatic weight loss journey. The British singer who is known for her deep voice, recently went through a huge transformation when she lost a whopping 22 kilos by following the Sirtfood diet that everybody is currently obsessed with. Reports suggest that the singer/songwriter has three personal trainers who help her with her workout and diet schedule. Read on to know all there is about this new diet that is known to work wonders!

This diet requires the person following it to activate weight loss proteins known as sirtuins in the body by consuming food that helps in activating and enabling more of these proteins. These weight loss proteins are known to activate the cells in the body that are extremely stressed and pressured. Sirtuins also help in regulating inflammation, the metabolic rate of the body and the process of ageing.

There are around 20 different foods that can be consumed when on this diet. They include: blueberries, citrus fruits, strawberries, apples, walnuts, kale, parsley, soy, green tea, turmeric, dark chocolate, are some of the foods you can eat that enable weight loss.

The first phase lasts for a week where those following the diet need to restrict calories to 1000kcal for three days. This could be done by consuming only juices and just one meal throughout the day. From day four onwards, the calorie intake should be increased to 1500kcal till the seventh day by consuming juices and two meals every day.

Continue the process through the second week, known as the maintenance phase which will ensure steady weight loss.

Consuming the Sirtfood diet-approved foods turns on the body’s fat-burning properties that help in losing weight. These foods also help in boosting energy, protecting cells and promoting glowing skin, making it an all-rounder!

Side effects and challenges of following the Sirtfood diet:

This diet limits the intake of carbohydrates and fats, making it quite a challenge since it is quite restrictive and less balanced as compared to other common diets like keto and paleo as it deprives one of essential nutrients like calcium.

The bottom line is that this diet is a great one to follow for instant short-term weight loss and wish to see results immediately. It is not a diet that should be followed for sustainable weight loss. People who were previously diagnosed with eating disorders are advised against getting on this diet.