‘Say no depression with Yoga’ campaign launched in 100 Chinese universities

A Yoga campaign has been launched to introduce the ancient Indian practice in 100 universities in China to fight the growing problem of depression and stress among students.
The campaign ‘100 days in 100 universities’ to fight depression was launched by Yogi Yoga, China’s popular yoga institute run by former Chinese fashion journalist and her Indian husband and yoga teacher in association with Peking University.
‘Say no depression with Yoga’ was launched on Monday at the university campus in which large number of students took part.
It is a 100 day campaign in 100 universities to teach ‘Pranayama’, ‘Meditation’ and special yoga ‘Asanas’, founder and CEO of Yogi Yoga, Yin Yan told PTI as her husband Mohan Singh Bandari kicked off the campaign with specially designed yoga postures to counter depression at ceremony at the University attended by its officials.
Yin Yan, a former editor of the Chinese language edition of the ELLE international fashion magazine, along with Mohan whom she married in Rishikesh established Yoga Yogi in 2003 converting the Indian spiritual and art form into a commercial success.
The centre, has branches all over China, has over 20,000 students with an annual turnover of over USD 10 million.
“Depression has become a major problem in China as it currently has over 90 million people suffering from it,” Yin Yan said.
The Chinese government, through the ministry of sports, identified Yoga to be practiced in universities to help students overcome depression and stress associated with competitive education system, she said.
“We will implement this programme in the next 100 days in 100 universities,” she said, adding Yoga classes will be held once in a week starting from Peking University.