Spotting the difference between Coronavirus and Flu symptoms

At a time when the world is panicking over a 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak, the H1N1 flu virus is actually posing a greater threat in Taiwan, claiming 13 lives in the country in just one week, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

With several schools in the area closed this week and the flu at high risk in the Scioto County area, SOMC is taking precautionary measures to help stop the spread of viruses and to protect its medically fragile patients. It was first reported in Wuhan, China but the virus has since spread to countries in the Asian region, United Kingdom and the United States with some countries placing travelling restriction on travellers from China. To contain the virus, Chinese authorities shut down transportation for more than a dozen cities, effectively putting 50 million people under mass quarantine.

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department played a “key role” in assisting the state, the release stated. The novel strain of coronavirus was traced on December 31, 2019 and many scientists seem to think that the virus originated in bats.

A specimen from a fourth possible case was sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing.

The CDC is screening passengers coming into the USA through 20 points of global entry, including the Detroit Metro Airport.

Any returning US citizen who spent time in Hubei province (where the virus originated) in the last 14 days.

The patient, who had recently traveled to Wuhan, arrived Monday at LMH Health with symptoms of a respiratory illness.

Passengers will be directed to one of 11 United States airports for additional health assessments. “Remember, you are much more likely to become sick with the cold or flu, than to be diagnosed with coronavirus”. This week, the USA will evacuate more planeloads of Americans from China, placing them under similar quarantine, Messonnier said.

The CDC is working with airports to screen passengers inbound from areas with active coronavirus – as well, some people who have returned to the U.S. from China have been quarantined as a precautionary measure.