13 Barasinghas sent to Satpura Tiger Reserve from Kanha

Bhopal: Under the capture operation led by the Field Director of the Kanha National Park L Krishnamurthy conducted on February 16, 13 Barasingha (11 female and 2 male) have been sent to Satpura Tiger Reserve from Kanha located Barasingha enclosure. The officers-employees of Kanha Tiger Reserve and Satpura Tiger Reserve and wildlife experts took part in the capture operation.
The approval for translocation of the State Animal Barasingha to Saptpura Tiger Reserve has been given by the Government of India and Madhya Pradesh Government. The boma prepared specially to capture Barasingha was inspected by the officers and subject experts and a strategy was prepared to capture Barasinghas.
In the past also, 33 Barasinghas have been shifted to the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Barasinghas were sent from the Satpura Tiger Reserve in the care of wildlife doctor and his team in a truck made especially for their transportation.