8 years of Nirbhaya’s death

A tribute meeting was organized by the Nirbhaya Women Group in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Anusuchit jati Vikas Avam Kalyan Samiti, in Nirbhaya Mahila Swadhar Greh, Bhopal, in memory of the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. In which social worker Mrs. Dolly Alok Sharma ji, secretary of the institution Mrs. Rashmi Manu Vyas, president Sher Afzal Khan, Nirbhaya Swadhar Home director Mrs. Samar Khan, Mezban director and social worker Mrs. Mubsira Khan, national player and brand ambassador of Nirbhaya Neetu Sharma, Dr. Poonam Chandani and international player Mrs. Habiba Khan, etc. were present on this occasion, all paid their respects to Nirbhaya. The special thing is that everyone pledged to save and educate the daughters, as well as to devote themselves all the time for the safety of women.
A two-minute silence was observed in the tribute meeting to comfort the soul of Jyoti Singh Pandey o Nirbhaya. On this occasion, Mrs. Samar Khan, director of Nirbhaya Swadhar Griha said that awareness has come after the incident of Nirbhaya but, still daughters outside is not safe. The situation has improved so much that daughters and their families are now openly exposed to the crimes against them. Mental disorder is still prevalent in the society. Girls and women are still victims of molestation and rape. It is our and your collective effort is very important today to stop all this. Come on this fearless consciousness day, swear that we all will become the voice of every needy daughter. On this occasion, Mrs. Dolly Sharma said that you will remember that night of December 16, when there was an atmosphere of mourning in the whole country. The same night when some poor people made Nirbhaya a victim of their lust. There will hardly be anyone in the whole country who has not been shocked to hear about it. How a bud was mashed before it bloomed. On this occasion, the president of the institution, Sher Afzal Khan said that today is the eighth anniversary of Nirbhaya o Jyoti, we have celebrated it as Chetna Divas, but from next year onwards, every year with positive thinking, Nirbhaya Award on December 16 in the name of Nirbhaya We will honor women in whom something went wrong with those who raised a lot of problems, despite which they fought that problem and fought it firmly and achieved a place in the world.
Smt. Rashmi Vyas said, “Today, we have informed women about the steps that all women and young women can take in their lifestyle to make themselves fully fit to face any difficult time.” Neetu Sharma said that in the country where women have been given the honor of Goddess, today women are not safe there. Today we cannot go to public places. Many laws have been enacted to protect women at the government level. Even after this, women are not safe. The main reason for this is the social decline of our society. On this occasion, Mubsira Khan said that we prevent our daughters from going out of the house alone. But the wrongdoers let the son out. He said that we have to be aware of our right. There is a need to voice opposition to exploitation. Today is not the time when women were given the status of goddess. But now we are awakening ourselves to our safety. On this occasion, everyone lit a candle and kept silent protesting against this incident of Delhi and such incidents happening continuously and at the same time women were stressed to be awake for their safety. The program was concluded by taking an oath by the members of the Nirbhaya group against violence against women. Along with the women of the ashram, other women from the area were also present on this occasion.