Accept CAA as we don’t have majority in Parliament: Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh to party

While the Congress has called the Citizenship Amendment Act divisive, its MLA from Madhya Pradesh has asked the party to accept the legislation since it did not have a majority in Parliament to bring about changes.
Laxman Singh, younger brother of senior Congressman and former MP chief minister Digvijaya Singh, said there has been enough “discussions and agitations” on the CAA.
Laxman Singh is the Congress MLA from Chachoda seat in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh.
“There has been enough discussions, agitations and protests in the country regarding the CAA, which has now become a law. It needs a majority in Parliament to make any change in the law. But (the opposition) doesn’t have a majority. In my view, it will be fair to accept this law.” He said Parliament did not belong to any one party, adding that the Congress too changed laws “when we had a government at the Centre”.
“How would we (Congress) have felt if any state government had opposed it (legislations),” he asked.
Queried on CAA in Congress-ruled MP, Singh said the law will have to be implemented in every state since the country worked under a parliamentary system.
Singh also demanded a change in the venue of IIFA awards ceremony to be held in late March in Daly College here.
“Organising the IIFA awards ceremony in Madhya Pradesh is a good because it will give recognition to the state and increase employment opportunities. But, it is not appropriate to hold this function in Daly College during examinations as it will affect students.”
Singh is also the chairman of the select committee set up to discuss the “Madhya Pradesh Gowansh Vadh Pratishedh (Sanshodhan) Adhiniyam 2019”, a law to ban cow slaughter, presented in the Legislative Assembly.
“People in many countries have reduced or stopped eating beef for environmental reasons. When people can do this internationally, then we can also change here,” he said.
Strict legal steps would be taken to ensure assaults on innocent people in the name of cow smuggling is stopped, he said.