BJP leader fires shot in air at 9pm event in Uttar Pradesh

As millions across India observed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for lighting lamps and candles on Sunday night in solidarity against coronavirus, a BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh, Manju Tiwari, decided to be different. In a video that has been widely shared, the BJP leader is seen firing a shot in the air to the sound of cheering.
The Uttar Pradesh Police has filed a First Information Report against Manju Tiwari for her version of the #9pm9minute event to show unity in the fight against coronavirus.
After the act, she even shared the video, allegedly filmed by her husband, on her Facebook page, with the caption: “Deep Jalane Ke Baad, Coronavirus bhagate hue (After lighting lamps, sending coronavirus away).”
Facing criticism, she later apologised, saying she “got carried away” as it all felt a lot like the Diwali festival to her.
“I saw the entire city illuminated with candles and earthen lamps. I felt like it was Diwali and fired in the air out of jubilation. I accept my mistake and apologise for it,” Tiwari said, according to news agency ANI.
Tiwari is a leader of the BJP’s women’s unit in Balrampur. She has been charged under the Arms Act.
The UP Congress tweeted the video and commented: “BJP leaders are always ahead in breaking the law. PM said light diyas and this BJP leader openly fired and posted the video on Facebook. Will (Chief Minister) Yogi Adityanath take action?”
Indians on Sunday turned off their lights and lit candles, lamps and held up mobile flashlights following PM Modi’s call for a gesture of solidarity, to fight the “darkness of coronavirus” with light.
Across India, the number of COVID-19 cases has crossed 4,000. Over 100 have died.