Body of Indian worker, who died in Oman, brought back to country with help from Bhopal’s social worker Abid Hussain

Body of an Indian, who died in Oman, was brought back to the country with Syed Abid Hussain, a prominent social worker from Bhopal who is also nicknamed as Bajrangi Bhaijaan of real life, playing a key role.
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari was working in Oman for the last two years. On September 16, his family members back in India were informed that he has passed away. As per the labour law in Oman, sponsor is responsible for the disposal of the dead body. Besides, the death of each Indian citizen that occurs in the Sultanate of Oman has to be registered in the Indian Embassy.
The law says that the sponsor of the deceased has to inform the nearest police station where death has occurred and should obtain a death notification from the concerned hospital where the death is registered. On the basis of death notification, Royal Oman police (Civil Registration Department) issues a death certificate.
However, the sponsor with whom Sanjay was working failed to discharge his duties. Given the situation, the family members including Tiwari’s wife Kanti pleaded for help. The matter was also raised on social media platforms. Abid too was apprised of the issue. The social worker then took the issue with Indan Ambassador in Oman. He also interacted with officials concerned from Oman and Ministry of External Affairs from the country. The efforts paid dividends as the authorities eventually assured the social worker of sending body back to India.