COVID-19: Karnataka State Board of Auqaf issues advisory to Masjids

Aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus in the state, the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf on Wednesday issued an advisory to all Masjids, Dargahs and other religious institutions, which includes offering prayer in minimum time.
It also advises for Friday sermons to be shortened.
“The Jamath Salah (prayer) shall be offered in minimum time….duration of salah (prayer) to be minimised,” the board said in a release.
“Friday sermons to be shortened like in Middle East countries. Bayan/Khutba (Sermon) for 10 minutes and salah (prayer) for 10 minutes, the entire process may be completed in 20 minutes.”
Ijtema and traditional Urus may be celebrated with minimum attendance, the advisory said, as it called for special duas to be offered for safety.
The board advised that the Masjid and the surrounding area be kept clean and precautionary measures taken by maintaining hygiene.
It also said the vicinity of dargahs should be kept clean and huge crowds not be allowed to stay.
It said the Madrasas/Makatib shall be closed on par with the directives of the government for schools and colleges.
Those suffering from respiratory or immunity related issues have been requested to avoid coming into public places and in particular Masjid, Madrasas/Makatib and Dargahs, the board added.